• About the company

Qeshm Oil Investment Company (Private Joint Stock) has been registered in 2004 in Qeshm free zone. 

QOIC strategically invests on oil and gas upstream and midstream sectors. As an investment company, it can define many cooperate ways to develop investment projects such as BOO, BOT, EPCF, …

This company has invested in Qeshm oil terminal project, based on necessity to increase storage capacity of oil and related products in Iran. 

Qeshm Oil Terminal is under construction in two onshore (C) and offshore (EPC) sections. Technical specifications are as below:


 Location and Area of the Project

·         Qeshm Free Zone

·         153 Hectares

Specification of the Project

·         13 Floating Roof Storage Tanks (11 each with the capacity of 540000 barrels and 2 each with the capacity of 270000 barrels)

·         SPM (Single Point Mooring)

·         PLEM (Pipe Line End Manifold)

·         2 Pipeline, each with 36 inches diameter and 8 km length, 4 km length Subsea Pipeline for transmission of crude oil and condensates

·         Five pumps for 9000

·         A Pipeline with 8 inches diameter and 8 km length for transmission of sea water to supply required water for firefighting system

·         63kv Power Transmission Line with the length of 25 km

·         Related Buildings Including Control Room, Substations, Warehouse, Workshop, Administration Building, Laboratory, etc.

Strengths of the Project

·         Strategic Location along The Major Shipping Routes in the Persian Gulf

·         6.5-Million-Barrels Storage Tanks

·         Capability of Loading and unloading of VLCCs



Central Office

No.81, Taheri Ave. ,Valiasre Ave. ,Tehran ,Iran