(Jooy Gostar Company (Private Joint Stock

Jooy Gostar Company (Private Joint Stock), was established in 2000 through investment of Oil Industry Investment Company and partnership of Water and Wastewater Companies of Isfahan and Tehran Province.

This Company is one of the first producers of water supply and sewerage polyethylene pipes that started its activity by producing Spiral pipes of 200-2000 mm in diameter and Corrugated pipes of 200-600 mm in diameter, benefiting from expert and committed human resources.



Certificates and Confirmations 

Exploitation license for polyethylene pipes from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
Confirmation to Iranian National Compulsory Standard
Product supply license for polyethylene pipes from Ministry of Agriculture 
Associate Laboratory of Iran National Standards Organization
Membership in Iranian Association of PE Pipe & Fitting Producers
Technical confirmation from Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center
Confirmation to ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management system



Type of Pipe

Pipe Size


Different types of polyethylene pipes

16-125 mm

Water Supply and Water Conveyance in Agriculture

Corrugated polyethylene pipes

200-600 mm

Sewerage and Drainage Systems

Spiral polyethylene pipes

200-2000 mm

Sewerage and Drainage Systems

Irrigation strips




Contact Information

Address: Central Office: No.81, Taheri Ave., Valiasr Ave., Tehran, Iran.
Factory: Next to road police station, Kashan road, Ardestan, Iran
Tel: +983158449200 ,+982122653610   
Fax: +983158449908
Website: www.oiic-ir.com
Email: jooygostar@oiic-ir.com



Central Office

No.81, Taheri Ave. ,Valiasre Ave. ,Tehran ,Iran