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OWJ Fueling and Airport Services Company was established in 2000 in Tehran. OWJ Company as the first and sole private company in Iran aviation fueling industry has been founded to procure, transfer, and store jet fuel and to provide fueling services in Compliance with the latest international standards and regulations. OWJ is known as the only supplier of aviation fuel for all domestic and international airlines at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA).

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This company is confirmed by IATA. By means of experienced and expert human capital and considering the importance of high quality and prompt fueling services in aviation industry, it has achieved record of 136 refueling per day and 30 thousand refueling per year.  

In addition to controls executed in refineries and fuel warehouses, samplings of supplied fuel are confirmed by the laboratory of national aviation fueling office former to delivering jet fuel to airlines.

Relying on proper performance and non-incident procedures, OWJ company has gained trust and satisfaction of customers.

This company has the potential for unconstrained capacity of fueling services to all domestic and international airlines. It is also prepared to design, implement and improve fueling infrastructures in all airports in Iran and Middle East countries.

  • Customers

International Airlines

Domestic Airlines

·         Turkish Airline

·         Lufthansa

·         Emirates

·         Qatar Airways

·         Air France

·         Austrian Airlines

·         Atlas Global

·         Aeroflot

·         AirAsia

·         Mahan

·         Iran Air

·         Qeshm Air

·         Taban

·         Ata

·         Aseman

·         Zagros




Central Office

No.81, Taheri Ave. ,Valiasre Ave. ,Tehran ,Iran