Background and summary of company introduction

Oil Industry Investment Company (Public Joint Stock) was established on Dec. 15, 1996 and was registered with Tehran department for registration of companies and noncommercial institutes under No. 126738. Head office of company is located in Tehran.
This company is a holding company in oil industry of which the main activity is to invest in the companies, complexes and production, industrial, commercial, service and cultural projects to establish commission and contribute in the development of such units.
According to letter dated June 11, 2003 of the manager of reception and assemblies’ affairs of the stock exchange, Oil Industry Investment Company has been listed in the aforesaid organization as the 341st company. Moreover, Oil Pension Fund Investment Company (OPIC) is the main shareholder of Oil Industry Investment Company. State oil industry personnel and retirees also form a major part of shareholders of Oil Industry Investment Company. 


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Mission and Perspective

Company’s perspective 
Acquiring the position of one five top oil companies in Tehran Securities and Stock Exchange 


Company’s mission 
Enhancement of value of assets of shareholders of oil industry Investment Company through involvement in middle industries businesses of oil and gas industry 
Key values of the company
- Materialization of sustainable profiting and promotion of value of shareholders’ assets 
- Empowerment and motivating the personnel 
- Promotion of the prestige of great family of Ministry of Petroleum 
- Commitment of professional ethics 
- Accelerating the organizational processes 

Environments for development of activity


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Central Office

No.81, Taheri Ave. ,Valiasre Ave. ,Tehran ,Iran